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This Month in AJT

Hepatitis C virus (HCV) remains one of the most common indications for liver transplantation and a significant problem for much of the chronic dialysis population. Importantly, although liver transplantation is an effective remedy for HCV-related liver failure, posttransplant HCV recurrence remains a near certainty. However, many new antiviral agents are emerging with legitimate promise to not only control HCV, but eliminate it. Gane and Agarwal provide an update on the drugs that may potentially dethrone HCV as a top indication for transplantation. Also in this issue, Stock et al make novel observations regarding an association between sirolimus exposure and a lower frequency of CD4 lymphocytes containing HIV DNA, suggesting that immunosuppression required for kidney transplantation in the HIV-infected recipient may impact the level of HIV persistence. Cover design by Ken North, North Design Group.


Current Issue Highlights

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Directly Acting Antivirals (DAAs) for the Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection in Liver Transplant Patients: “A Flood of Opportunity”
E. J. Gane and K. Agarwal

Renal Transplantation Using Belatacept Without Maintenance Steroids or Calcineurin Inhibitors
A. D. Kirk, A. Guasch, H. Xu, J. Cheeseman, S. I. Mead, A. Ghali, A. K. Mehta, D. Wu, H. Gebel, R. Bray, J. Horan, L. S. Kean, C. P. Larsen and T. C. Pearson

Kidney Transplant Recipients Treated With Belatacept Exhibit Increased Naïve and Transitional B Cells
C. Leibler, M. Matignon, C. Pilon, F. Montespan, J. Bigot, P. Lang, E. D. Carosella, J. Cohen, N. Rouas-Freiss, P. Grimbert and C. Menier


Highly Cited/Highly Read Articles

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1. Antibody-mediated rejection criteria - an addition to the Banff '97 Classification of Renal Allograft Rejection
2. Diabetes mellitus after kidney transplantation in the United States

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1. Long-term Management of the Liver Transplant Patient: Recommendations for the Primary Care Doctor
2. Organ Trafficking and Transplant Tourism: A Commentary on the Global Realities


The AJT Report

Patients with heart failure are increasingly being implanted with mechanical circulatory support devices. “The AJT Report” takes a look at the history—and future—of their use, and how the heart allocation system may need to change to differentiate among the sickest patients. Also this month, we review results of a new study that concludes that smokers' lungs may be sufficiently suitable for transplant.


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Guest Editor: Dr. Bruce Kaplan

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Guest Editors: Drs. Philip F. Halloran and Michael Mengel

Living Liver and Kidney Donation
Guest Editor: Dr. Jonathan Bromberg

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Guest Editor: Dr. Jonathan Bromberg

Infectious Disease Issues in Organ Transplantation
Guest Editor: Dr. Atul Humar


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